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Benefit from the experience of more than 120 international studies, the medical treatment of over 10,000 athletes and well over 100,000 recreational athletes.

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Not all sports are healthy. We ensure that your training programme meets your everyday needs and also your time constraints. This is why we avoid any workout that involves high risk of injury and only ask of you what is actually safe for your health!

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Not just an app but the link to your personal sports- and medical- expert:
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The endurance coach first analyses your training level and your ideal exercise intensity.

With the right mix of training sessions involving continuous and interval training your basic endurance and maximum performance are systematically improved.

Strength, coordination and mobility

In a sophisticated framework of workouts with increasing level of difficulty, bodyweight exercises will effectively and continuously improve your performance in all areas (body mass, strength, endurance, coordination and mobility).

You may further optimise your training with equipment that can be used at home (small household devices, therabands and sling trainer).

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